Considering moving to Atlanta? NetMOVE, Inc has been serving Atlanta, GA, and surrounding communities for over 30 years. This blog post will help you stay prepared by outline the 7 things you should know before you relocate to our beautiful city!

1: Choose to Live Inside or Outside of the Perimeter:

Atlanta is broken down into two perimeters: Inside the Perimeter (ITP) & Outside the Perimeter (OTP). These terms mean either living in town or in the suburbs. It is determined by the 285 Perimeter Beltway – the city’s freeway.

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Why Live ITP?

The ITP offers an urban lifestyle that offers pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. It also has great access to public transport, shopping, and cultural attractions. You can also enjoy much shorter commutes.

Why Live OTP?

Living OTP will provide residents with a lower cost of living. Living OTP in Atlanta will allow you to become part of a community, enjoying communal amenities like swimming pools and tennis courts. Living OTP is a great place to raise children and is known for its exceptional public school systems.

2: Choose to Buy or Rent in Atlanta:

Unsure whether you should buy or rent when moving to Atlanta? It might be helpful to know that the median mortgage is $184,900 Keep in mind that the national average property price is $236,400. This means you could snap up a real estate bargain.

The Georgia capital can be an affordable place to live. The affordability may depend on where in the State you choose to call home. If you want to buy a property in the suburbs, it can be more expensive. Yet, you’ll enjoy a larger house on a private street.

What’s more, in-town housing is increasing in value at the moment. This means you could receive more for your investment if you decide to sell in the future. Rental prices in Atlanta are on the rise. Yet, they are still a lot lower than other major cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. If you are hoping to rent in Atlanta, you might be happy to learn the average rent is approximately $1,640 per month for a two-bed apartment.

3: Know the Neighborhoods Before your Move to Atlanta:

It would take a pretty hefty guide to offer a description of Atlanta’s neighborhoods. The city is comprised of a whopping 242 neighborhoods, so there is a perfect area for you to live. You just have to find it. The neighborhoods form part of 25 citizen advisory councils.

There are also three main districts:

  1. Downtown: Comprised of neighborhoods such as Five Points, Castleberry Hill, Peachtree Center & more.
  2. Midtown: Neighborhoods such as Peachtree Street, Atlantic Station, Historic Midtown, Georgia Tech & more.
  3. Buckhead: Defines the northern fifth of the city. Neighborhoods such as Chastain Park, Lindbergh, Peachtree Battle, Tuxedo Park and more.

There are also other districts, such as:

  • Northwest Atlanta
  • East Side
  • West Midtown
  • Southeast
  • Southwest

4: Pick a Walkable Neighborhood:

Atlanta, GA is a car-dependant city. Yet, there are some walkable neighborhoods for you to enjoy – which is great if you don’t drive. Downtown and Midtown are both walkable, so they are perfect picks if you want to ditch the car. Atlanta has also been ranked the 21st most walkable city in America. Wikipedia has a great article detailing the neighborhoods of Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta City Plans are working to make Atlanta more walkable overtime, too. So, you might not always need your vehicle to get from A to B.

5: Learn About the Community:

It’s advisable you visit the city before you start moving to Atlanta. A neighborhood might look great on paper, but you need to make an informed decision. This will ensure you’re a perfect fit for a community, and they’re the perfect fit for you. Take a walk around the neighborhood. What are the traffic patterns like? Is the community active? What are the people like? Are you in close proximity to the best schools, restaurants and transport links? Don’t forget to take a good look at construction activity, too. Communities that are investing back into properties by fixing them up and building new homes, townhomes, or apartments are communities on the rise.

6: You Can’t Avoid the Traffic:

As stated, Atlanta is a car-dependent city. This means you may have to experience heavy traffic from time to time. Many drivers criss-cross their way through the metro area. The good news is that Atlanta traffic is rather predictable. Still, we recommend trying to live close to where you work to avoid lengthy commutes.

7: Culinary Culture:

Not sure whether to make the move to Atlanta? The one thing that might convince you is the culinary scene. There’s something for everyone in Atlanta. The city is almost made for foodies, as you can enjoy everything from fast food to gourmet meals and cocktails. Lovers of everything from fine dining to cheap eats and baked goods – You’ll want to relocate to Atlanta as soon as the delicious flavors burst onto your tongue.

8: Plan Your Move:

When you’ve planned everything else out, the final, and most tedious part is to plan your move. At NetMOVE, we are solely focused on the customer and their needs. We offer local, long-distance, and even international moving solutions. We recommend contacting a moving and logistics expert to help you plan your entire move; From packing to temporary storage units to delivery on your specified move-in day.

Local Moving Services:

At NetMOVE, we consider a “local-move” to be anywhere within 300 miles of your new apartment, home, or business in Atlanta. While a local-move might seem easy from a logistical standpoint, moving is still a taxing and time-consuming process.

  • Free In-Home Moving Consultation
  • On-Site Container Rentals
  • Packing Services
  • Local Movers
  • Temporary Storage Solutions
  • White-Glove Moving

Long-Distance Moving Services:

Are you moving to or from Atlanta from across the country or internationally? NetMOVE’s team of long-distance moving experts can help you plan your move with the utmost efficiency.

  • Packing and shrink-wrapping services
  • 26’ straight trucks, up to 53’ tractor trailers
  • Guaranteed pickup and delivery times
  • Full-time, professional moving crews

Conclusion on Moving to Atlanta

Moving to Atlanta will be a decision you will not be taking lightly. With a fantastic food scene, fantastic film festivals and a diverse culture, it’s an ideal place to call home.

Yet, there are some things you must consider before you make the big move.

Carefully consider the neighborhood, transport links and community before you make a choice. With many neighborhoods and properties to choose from, there will be no slim-pickings. All you need to do is find the best location and housing type to suit your needs and budget.

For this reason, you should experience your desired neighborhood first. It can help you fall in love with Atlanta a little bit more.

Once you have made your decision, be sure to return back to us here at Net Move. We can provide professional moving services to simplify your relocation experience.