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The need for a storage in Atlanta and surrounding communities is a very common occurrence. Maybe you’re looking to de-clutter your home and put some of your seldom-used items in storage. Or maybe you’re moving and want to make your home seem more spacious and open.

At NetMove, Inc our main goal is to provide stress-free solutions to our clients. Storage in Atlanta isn’t any different. NetMove, Inc is proud to offer a number of storage solutions in Atlanta and surrounding areas designed to make your life easier. 

 Our Atlanta Storage Solutions Include:

    • Portable Storage Units
      • On-site Storage
      • Off-site Storage
    • Warehouse Storage

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Portable Storage Units

Many people have turned to using containers or portable storage units during their moving process, but many people aren’t aware that storage containers can be used for on-site and off-site storage. Portable storage units are a fast and easy way to bring storage to you and to remove the timely process of driving to and from your storage unit.

The benefits of renting a portable storage unit:

  • Affordable Rates
  • Guaranteed pickup and delivery times
  • When you’re done, simply call us and we’ll pick it up
  • On-site can transition to off-site with a simple phone call.

Warehouse Storage:

Sometimes your storage needs are a little bit extra, and we understand that. Whether you’re a business owner that can’t seem to find a place for all of their important resources and equipment, or you’re a homeowner looking to store a large bulk of items that won’t fit in standard on-site storage, we can provide a solution. Our warehouse and surplus storage services are suitable for:

  • Large home furniture
  • Business equipment and tools
  • Bulk boxed items
  • Heavy or unwieldy items that won’t fit in normal storage

Temperature Controlled Storage

Need storage, but worried about the condition of your items when they’re stored? Our temperature-controlled, air-conditioned storage units are the perfect solution! Our units keep humidity down and outdoor weather conditions away from your valuables, giving you a storage option that you can feel good about.

Our temperature-controlled storage is great for storing:

  • Important documents
  • Electronic media
  • Photographs and rolls of film
  • Antiques
  • Musical instruments

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