Things to Clean Before Move

The process of moving presents you with a significant number of details to keep track of. In the weeks leading up to a move, it’s so easy to let some of the smaller stuff slip through the cracks, which can exacerbate your frustration very quickly down the road.

As your partner in local and long-distance moving in Atlanta, GA, and Charlotte, NC, NetMOVE is here to help. Today we want to turn your attention on what you should clean before you move: 

Why Worry About Cleaning?

Ensuring your personal items are cleaned before you pack up and move to your new destination serves a few important purposes. For one, it’s a good way to have an essential task done and out of the way a few weeks before the move begins. You will not want to dedicate time to cleaning after the tiring ordeal that a move can be. Also, the new home, apartment, or student living space you will be moving into will be—or at least should be—in pristine condition, and it’s good to preserve that.

But perhaps most important of all, cleaning before you move protects your belongings. Many sensitive items will be moving with you, especially electronics, clothing, and furniture. These things are sensitive to dust and debris, and can become damaged or stained once they’ve been packed up tight and coated in dust for a few days or weeks!

What Items Should Be Cleaned Before They Are Packed?

The vast majority of your belongings could likely do with at least some dry dusting, but the following items should be treated with particular care:

  • Electronics – Tablets, personal computers, your microwave—these all suffer varying degrees under the stress of dust and small particles. Be sure they get a good wipe-down with a microfiber cloth.
  • Fabrics – Fabrics including clothing and window treatments can stain if left dirty for too long. It’s a great idea to start cycling these through your washer and dryer a few weeks beforehand. If you have too much or you’re looking for a faster solution, a local laundromat could be a great way to get it all done at once.
  • Wood furniture – Treat wood furniture with a light, non-greasy wood cleaning solution with a microfiber cloth to preserve the wood’s surface. We also recommend covering wood furniture before you move to keep the surfaces clean and scratch-free.
  • Large appliances – Appliances like refrigerators suffer heavily when dirty, as debris can clog up a water or drain line, which can lead to expensive repairs down the road. Clean them now so you don’t have to stress over them later!
  • Jewelry – Jewelry collections are often kept stored much of the time anyway, but this also means they can wind up dusty and messy, which can spread more mess when you pack them.