Lately, our Atlanta and Charlotte offices have been inundated with calls regarding our moving and storage capabilities during the coronavirus pandemic. Scheduled home closings or even move-out dates for apartment living are very hard to change.

While we will always side with being as precautious as humanly possible during these difficult times, we know that some things aren’t avoidable. If you have to move during this time, here is some new protocols we’re practicing during this time to ensure the safety of you, our valued client, and our staff:

  • Health and Safety First Initiative: First and foremost, we have an “open-door” policy when it comes to the health and safety of our employees.
  • Open Air Moving: Proper air circulation is very important during this time. We plan on keeping doors and windows open in your home while moving to ensure good air circulation.
  • Proper cleaning and personal sanitization protocols: Dispatching the crew with hand soap/paper towels so they can actively wash hands as needed.
  • Box Quarantine: We recommend that customers don’t handle boxes for at least 24-48 hours after the move. We can deliver appropriately labeled boxes to the designated room in your new home, or even place them in your garage if needed.
  • Keeping Appropriate Distance: When possible we are doing our best to encourage all to keep an appropriate distance during your move.
  • Gloved Hands: Our mover’s hands are gloved to ensure the health and safety of all parties.
  • Limiting Crew Members Per Job & Spacing Larger Moves: Reducing the number of people in your home during your move is a primary objective for us. To limit potential risk, we encourage our customers to space their move out over multiple days. If we need two trucks and six movers to relocate you in one day. Using the same 3 movers and 1 truck to do the move over 2 reduces your contact with our employees.

The good news – we are still offering local and long-distance home moving services during this time. While our full suite of services are still being offered, we are taking as many necessary precautions possible to ensure the safety of our valued employees and you, the client.

NetMOVE is here to help with any questions or concerns you may have during this time. Fill our the form below, or contact your local moving office.