Lately, our Atlanta and Charlotte offices have been inundated with calls regarding our moving and storage capabilities during the coronavirus pandemic. Scheduled home closings or even move-out dates for apartment living are very hard to change.

While we will always side with being as precautious as humanly possible during these difficult times, we know that some things aren’t avoidable. If you have to move during this time, here are some new protocols we’re practicing during this time to ensure the safety of you, our valued client, and our staff:

  • Health and Safety First Initiative: First and foremost, we have an “open-door” policy when it comes to the health and safety of our employees.
  • Open Air Moving: Proper air circulation is very important during this time. We plan on keeping doors and windows open in your home while moving to ensure good air circulation.
  • Proper cleaning and personal sanitization protocols: Dispatching the crew with hand soap/paper towels so they can actively wash hands as needed.
  • Box Quarantine: We recommend that customers don’t handle boxes for at least 24-48 hours after the move. We can deliver appropriately labeled boxes to the designated room in your new home, or even place them in your garage if needed.
  • Keeping Appropriate Distance: When possible we are doing our best to encourage all to keep an appropriate distance during your move.
  • Gloved Hands: Our mover’s hands are gloved to ensure the health and safety of all parties.
  • Limiting Crew Members Per Job & Spacing Larger Moves: Reducing the number of people in your home during your move is a primary objective for us. To limit potential risk, we encourage our customers to space their move out over multiple days. If we need two trucks and six movers to relocate you in one day. Using the same 3 movers and 1 truck to do the move over 2 reduces your contact with our employees.

The good news – we are still offering local and long-distance home moving services during this time. While our full suite of services is still being offered, we are taking as many necessary precautions as possible to ensure the safety of our valued employees and you, the client.

NetMOVE is obviously concerned with all the heightened alertness around the coronavirus, we wanted to let you know what we are doing.

First, we are open to serve our customers and our community through this time.

Second, your health and safety are of the utmost importance.

  • NetMOVE only performs your moves with our employees, never day laborers, so we know who is in your home.
  • We implemented additional procedures to further increase the sanitization of our equipment, trucks, and office space.
  • We have prepared a contingency plan in the event that we need to move to remote work, taking every step needed to continue to serve our customers through the coming weeks and months.

Moving is a stressful time without additional things to worry about. We are here to help make sure your move is as stress-free as possible.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please give us a call at 770-209-9770. We are here to serve you!

Moving and the Coronavirus:

If you’re in the process of moving, decluttering for future listing, or thinking of a move in the future, NetMOVE is still serving our clients in Atlanta and Charlotte. One of the more complex questions we’ve had to ask and answer is – how to keep our employees safe while still serving our valued clients?

From in-home moving surveys to video conferencing:

Instead of providing an in-home moving survey, our representatives can now coordinate via video conferencing. This will allow our moving clients to get the same level of service home and business owners in Atlanta and Charlotte have come to expect from us, but keeping our employees and our clients at a safe distance.

Rigorous Cleaning and Disinfecting:

Our employees are instructed to keep their hands covered, use masks, and to disinfect any items used during a move prior to entering your home or business. We also ask that our clients do their best to disinfect items for packing as best as they can manage. Together, with both parties being mindful of proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques, we can navigate these tough times with expert precision.

Open Air Moving and Packing:

A common practice as we navigate this pandemic, is to (whenever possible) work and serve our clients in well ventilated rooms. By all accounts, keeping windows and doors open will help keep our employees and our clients safe. Thankfully, our markets are fairly warm this time of year. The second we are finished with a room, the doors and windows will be closed, and that room will not be entered again by our staff unless directed by the client.

Storage Options:

Discounts and Specials for On-site mobile storage:

We are offering discounts for on-site mobile storage at this time. If you’re looking for storage solutions, rather than travel and use traditional storage facilities, NetMOVE can deliver on-site mobile storage to your home.

Moving with On-Site Containers VS Traditional Moving Services:

It’s no secret that moving with on-site containers has become a welcome alternative to the moving industry. We can deliver our on-site mobile storage containers, you can pack them as needed, and when the time comes for your move, we will pick up and deliver your moving containers to your new home.

The Benefits of Warehouse storage:

Clients wishing to move items into storage but don’t have room for an on-site container can take advantage of our Warehouse storage solutions. We deliver a portable storage container to your home, you pack it up, and we bring it to our climate-controlled and secure warehouse.

The Moving Industry:

One of the key markers in our industry is the housing market. So goes the housing market, so goes the moving industry. As of today, there have been no government-mandated changes to home closings. In some cases, closing and moving from your home takes 30-60 days depending on the market. We have to assume that it’s business as usual. We recommend practicing social distancing as much as possible. However, if you’re slated to move from your home and no alterations can be made to your moving date, we are here to serve you.