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The Many Benefits of Using Portable Storage Units in Winston-Salem, NC

People, as well as businesses in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, are discovering the many benefits of using portable storage units by NetMOVE.

The popularity of portable storage units (PSUs) has grown over the past few years. Originally, they were most often used by the retail and construction industries. Now, our portable storage units are used for full-scale local and long-distance moves, home renovations, seasonal storage, and even decluttering before a move. The speed, versatility, and convenience of ordering an on-site storage unit from NetMOVE combined with the lowest pricing and no long-term contracts makes NetMOVE the choice for portable storage unit rentals in Winston-Salem, NC.

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Renting Portable Storage in Winston-Salem, NC

You Call

Portable Storage Units

Call our Winston-Salem, NC based office and schedule the delivery of your storage unit.

We Drop Off

home and business storage with mobile storage units

Your storage unit will be delivered at the date and time your specify.

You Pack It

Packing your mobile storage unit is easy with NetMove, Inc

Pack and store your items with ease. Simply walk out of your front door to load your storage unit.

You Keep It or Store It

Mobile storage is delivered to your home or business

You can keep your portable storage unit on-site, or you can call for pickup. Your storage unit can be redelivered at any time.

Versatility of Portable Storage

There are many different situations where a PSU can be used. This includes doing home renovations, extra shop space as well as when moving. It is much cheaper and cost-effective than renting a storage unit or trying to find space in a home or business. These units can be left on a customer’s property. This is a perfect way to have easy access to stored items. The need to drive to and from a storage facility is eliminated. It can be used during a renovation to store tools, supplies and more.

Portable Storage Unit Pricing


Renting a portable storage unit through NetMOVE is extremely cost effective. Combine that with the ease of being able to access your on-site storage unit by walking out of your front door vs driving across town.

On-site Storage VS Storage Units Rentals:

In almost every case, it is less expensive to rent an onsite storage unit from NetMove than to rent a storage unit at a facility. Renting an on-site storage unit is safer and it’s also easier to retrieve your items from storage.

Portable Storage With Guaranteed Pricing

No Long Term Contracts

There are many situations where people will have short term storage needs or require something for a single move or project. Using a PSU is perfect for those who want to have access to a storage container for a short amount of time. Our portable storage units are rented on a monthly basis, and can be delivered to your home (in most cases) within 24 hours. One other key area is that we don’t have variable pricing for long-term or short-term portable storage unit rentals. The monthly price is the price unless otherwise stated. This means that you’re getting the best rental prices for the duration of your portable storage unit rental.

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