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Affordable Warehouse Storage by NetMOVE:

Have you searched for clean, secure, temperature-controlled private storage facilities in the Greater Winston-Salem Area?

Self-storage facilities don’t always offer the capability to regulate temperatures. By contrast, managed warehouse storage provides a great solution! NetMOVE assists people relocating to (or from) the Greater Winston-Salem Area of North Carolina. We help businesses and households conducting relocations throughout the Atlantic Coastal Region.

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Secure Warehouse Storage in Winston-Salem

NetMove assists customers seeking managed short-term (or long-term) storage services in NC. Customers place household belongings into storage containers supplied by us. We maintain these containers under controlled conditions at our well-managed warehouse facility. Household relocations prove much easier and more carefree with our help.

Prevent many types of storage losses stemming from harsh weather conditions or temperature fluctuations. The NetMOVE storage system offers a great solution for people seeking to store belongings of every size indoors. We maintain a clean, environmentally managed modern warehouse. Our facility does not permit general public access, so customers gain peace of mind knowing their possessions remain under tight security.

Boat & Large-Item Storage in Winston-Salem

Storing large items like boats, ATVs, and lawn tractors proves seamless with our assistance. We offer excellent storage facilities for items of every size in the Greater Winston-Salem Area. Our large, spacious warehouse possesses the floor footage to accommodate secure maritime storage, for example.

To fully appreciate the convenience of storing a boat with us, consider the alternatives. Placing boats into temporary marina storage centers sometimes exposes expensive assets to the risk of weather damage. Hurricanes and tropical storms may cause extensive property losses in this region. By contrast, we maintain a secure inland facility. Boat owners gain peace of mind knowing they can relocate a boat conveniently to (and from) our facility.

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