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Mobile Storage Units, Mobile Storage & The Moving Process

Mobile Storage & The Moving Process

Mobile storage can help during your moving process in multiple ways. In housing markets as crazy as Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, and Fort Mill, SC homes that hit the market are competing with so many different variables. This high level of competition in the real estate market means that homes need to be show-ready and as close to perfect as they can be.

Decluttering During The Moving Process

We can deliver a portable storage unit to your home for the decluttering process. Our storage units are placed perfectly at your home and you can load them at your leisure. This process actively helps you prepare for the moving process. By putting multiple items in a mobile storage unit, you can declutter your home, make it market-perfect, and get your home sold. We can even help you pack and load your storage unit. At NetMOVE, we partner with local realtors simply because mobile storage solutions are the best and most efficient way to get your home decluttered and looking perfect.

mobile storage units, Mobile Storage Benefits After Your Home Sells:

Mobile Storage Benefits After Your Home Sells:

What happens if you’ve used mobile or off-site portable storage to declutter your home and your home sells? Simple, we can deliver your items to your new home and even help you unload and unpack! This is truly a unique service that we’re proud to offer all of our clients. We cover this in great detail on our “storage and moving” blog post. Moving and the moving process is never an easy thing to endure. Having storage and mobile storage delivered to your home eliminates so many tedious steps of the moving process. In real estate markets like Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, and Fort Mill, SC, it is very rare to sell your home and close on your new home on the same day. A high percentage of people that are moving need to utilize storage. At NetMOVE, we deliver the storage to you and if it needs to go into storage, we can house it in a secure and temperature-controlled location. When you close on your new home, your storage unit is delivered to your new home and we can even help you unpack.


Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, and Fort Mill, SC are major areas for higher education. Rather than loading up a car and transporting your college items to storage units which can be damaging to items in harsher climates, we can deliver a mobile storage unit to your dorm or college house, you can pack it up, and we can store your items in a temperature-controlled environment. When you want your items delivered, simply call our offices and schedule your delivery. Mobile storage is a very effective and inexpensive solution for students that don’t want to cart their items to and from home during college breaks. In most cases, mobile storage is less expensive than renting a traditional storage unit.


Our goal is to provide seamless storage solutions for our clients. We aim to offer solutions that put our clients at ease and make the lives of our customers easier. Nobody likes the act of moving or using off-site storage units. This is why every service we offer, from moving to storage, is built and curated to make the lives of our clients easier.