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Portable Storage Units, Portable Storage Units: 

Portable Storage Units: 

On-site storage units are quickly becoming our most sought-after short and long-term storage solutions. Our portable storage units are weather resistant and add an on-site storage solution to your home or business without long-term commitment or permanent alterations to your property. Renting an on-site portable storage unit is easy with NetMOVE. Simply call our office and schedule your on-site portable storage unit delivery.

Portable Storage Units, NetMOVE, Inc offers multiple storage solutions:

NetMOVE, Inc offers multiple storage solutions:

Our Off-Site storage units allow us to bring the storage to your home, you pack them up, call us, and we’ll store your belongings in our temperature-controlled warehouse. When you want your items redelivered; simply call us and we bring them back to you! Simple and easy!