Portable Storage Units

On and Off-Site Portable Storage Unit Rentals

With NetMove, Inc renting a portable storage unit is simple, easy, and cost-effective.

Traditionally, when homeowners or businesses required more space or simply wanted to put items in storage, renting a storage unit was the only option. Because nobody loves loading up their belongings and trucking them across town, NetMove now brings the storage to you with Portable Storage Units. Our portable storage units allow you to simply load your belongings into a safe and secure container and either keep that container stored at your home or business, or we can pick up and re-deliver at your request. We proudly offer portable storage solutions to residents and business owners of Atlanta and Charlotte and surrounding communities. 

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How Portable Storage Units Work

You Call

Portable Storage Units

Call our live support and scheduling staff to arrange the delivery of your portable Storage Unit.

We Drop Off

home and business storage with mobile storage units

Your portable storage unit is delivered on the date and time you specify.

You Pack It

Packing your mobile storage unit is easy with NetMove, Inc

We bring the storage to you! Simply load your container from your home or business!

You Keep It or Store It

Mobile storage is delivered to your home or business

You can choose to have your storage unit on-site or off-site.

On-Site Portable Storage Units

Adding storage to your home or business has never been easier with on-site storage units! Rather than add on to your home or purchase a permanent metal building, our on-site containers are delivered to your home and stored on-site for you to use as you see fit. With extremely competitive pricing and zero commitment, when you’re done with your on-site container, simply call us and we’ll pick it up. We invite you to call our Atlanta, GA or Charlotte, NC locations and talk to a portable storage expert.

Off-Site Portable Storage Units

Off-site portable storage units provide the ease of use of having storage delivered to your home or business without having to store it on-site. Our off-site storage containers are delivered to your home or business, you load them up at your pace, and we will pick up when you have filled them up! When you want to have your belongings redelivered to you, simply call our storage team and we will redeliver your items back to your home or business. No driving, no loading, no truck renting – just simple and easy storage rental solutions!

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