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on-site portable storage units, The Benefits of Portable Storage Units Before You Move:

The Benefits of Portable Storage Units Before You Move:

1: Decluttering. When you decide to put your home on the market, especially in a market like this, your home should be as “show ready” as possible. We can deliver your storage unit to your home, you can take your time to load extra home furnishings and unneeded items. We can pick your full portable storage unit and store it securely, or you can keep it at your home to access items as needed.

2: Saves Time. Traffic in Charlotte is NO JOKE! Charlotte is listed as the 24th most congested urban area in the nation. As our neighborhoods continue to expand and our communities continue to grow, traffic will continue to rise. At NetMOVE we bring the storage to you. Whether you want to load up your portable storage unit and have us store it at our location, or keep it on-site, you won’t have to battle the traffic.

3: No Long-Term Contracts. Traditional storage units can come with a standard contract. Our portable storage units are all on a month-to-month basis. When you’re done, simply call us and we’ll pick it up or deliver it!

Decluttering your home before you move can be a hectic experience. NetMOVE’s portable moving and storage solutions are an affordable way to downsize your items that you do not need for the time being. Oftentimes, because of the price point, our customers will order one portable storage unit to keep at their home for everyday accessible items, and they will use our off-site storage units for the larger items they won’t need until they close on their new home.

on-site portable storage units, Benefits of Using Portable Moving and Storage Solutions

Benefits of Using Portable Moving and Storage Solutions

1: Move At Your Speed. Moving, in general, is time-consuming and demanding. By having our portable storage units delivered to your home, you can pack and load your items at your leisure.

2: Combine Your Moving Services. At NetMOVE, we’re a full-service moving and storage company. Not only can we deliver your portable moving container to your home, but our experienced team can also assist you with packing, labeling, and loading.

3: Delivery to Your New Home. As we mentioned above, selling and closing on the same isn’t exactly a guarantee. When you have to utilize short-term storage and housing, portable moving and storage units are an amazing way to reduce your stress. Our teams can help you pack, load, and plan your move to your new home on the date of your closing. No long drives to your rented storage unit, no hurrying to load your rented moving truck on the day of closing – just simple and perfectly scheduled delivery of your items to your new home.

When it comes time to prepare for moving, there are many things to consider. We’re a full-service moving company that can help you plan, and provide expert advice, and is an accountable solution to make your move an easy one. Moving day, and even the lead-up to moving, can be met with many variables that can present issues. Rather than just hiring movers, or even using a standard “portable storage unit” services, our team will help you re-focus your moving plan and help alleviate the stress.


NetMOVE, Inc is a full-service moving and storage company

When it comes time to move your family locally or nationally, the more help you have, the easier the move will be. At NetMOVE, Inc, we not only have compiled the very best in moving solutions and storage options, but we’re also experts in the moving field. We offer free moving consultations and our representatives will be there with you throughout the entirety of your move. While we offer numerous moving & storage options, our portable moving and storage solutions combined together offer the best of both worlds.

Portable Moving and Storage as a Service:

While the concept of using portable storage units for moving isn’t a new concept, not many moving companies in Charlotte, NC provide portable moving and storage as an actual service that intertwines with their actual moving services. In most cases, a storage unit is merely delivered and you can load it over time. While we offer this service, we have found that our clients wanted more help than just a dropped-off storage unit. This is really what sets NetMOVE, Inc. apart from the rest of the standard portable storage companies – we fold our moving services in with your portable storage units.

How our Portable Moving and Storage Services Work:

In-Home Moving Consultation

For starters, we want to meet with you to understand the scope and size of your move. Our team will consult with you based on your timeline, schedule, and destination. This is a great time for our moving and logistic managers to help you figure out the best game plan for your move. If you and your family want to utilize our on-site storage units for your move, we will help you factor in the total size of your move, and work with you on your delivery and pickup schedule. The best thing about using portable storage for your move is that we can provide our services in stages.

Portable Moving Container is Delivered to Your Home

Based on your moving schedule, we will drop off your portable storage unit and confirm with you a set pickup date and time. Now, we know that things can change. We’ve been helping customers move in Charlotte, NC for over 20 years. If the schedule needs to be amended in any way, we can accommodate you. Charlotte is also home to many communities that have HOA’s and dropping off multiple moving units might go against HOA guidelines. We can deliver and pick up in stages to stay in line with your HOA.

Easy Pickup and Drop Off Services:

For smaller moves, one or two portable storage units might do the job. In that case, we can arrange pick-up when you’re fully loaded on the day of your move. In the last 5 years, as we’ve seen the housing market move toward less contingent offers being accepted, our clients have chosen to pack in stages and then have all portable storage units delivered to their new home on the date they close. For our traditional moving services clients, helping them pack, label, load, unload, and unpack is still the best service we offer. If you must utilize short-term housing and storage, our portable moving and storage services will be your best option.