Moving to Charlotte, NC? The last thing you want is the headache and costs of a bad move. To ensure a successful move, here’s how to choose the best Charlotte moving company.

Over thirty-five million Americans plan their move every year. Did you notice that most of them move in the month of May? If you’re also planning to move in May by hiring a moving company, then you’re on the right track!

Interestingly, May is considered a perfect month to move. And there’s a reason for this. It’s beautiful weather. You’ll be able to move all your household items from one place to the other without bearing the scorching heat of the sun. Besides this, the kids have finished school and they’re ready to move too.

But it’s hard to expect high credibility from every moving company. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the moving company that best satisfies your moving needs.

Not sure which mover to choose from? We’re here to guide you! Let’s get started.

Find Reputable Charlotte Movers:

Who do you trust the most? Your closest circle, of course! It’s that simple. Ask your friends, colleagues, or neighbors if they know a reliable moving company in Charlotte. Finding the best possible movers for the job will make moving to Charlotte an easy process.

Even if any one of them have had hired one that made their moving process easier, they’d more likely share their experience with you.

Though accepting recommendations from family and friends make sense, never rely on someone else’s estimates. You can get your own estimate only if the estimator visits your house to see the belongings they need to move.

Once you get the recommendations, call each moving company and get a free quote.

Check the Authenticity of All Moving Companies In Your List

Now that you’ve got a list of professional movers, it’s time to conduct a short background check. If you’re moving from Charlotte to any other state, you should hire a mover that’s licensed by the Department of Transportation.

To find out if the mover is licensed, it should have its DOT number on its company website. In addition, it should also possess a carrier number attained from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

To check the motor carrier number and DOT number, click here. This way, you’ll get an idea if these moving companies are legitimate.

Read Customer Reviews and Complaints

Customer reviews are considered a reflection of any business. That’s why comments from past customers can reveal even the negative feedback about each Charlotte moving company. To begin your search, type the moving company’s name. Now, type “reviews,” and hit the “search” button. Scroll down through each review. This way, you’ll get a clear idea of the moving company’s reputation among its customers.

Be wary of fake reviews too! To ensure you come across honest reviews, explore the moving company on Yelp. Also, check the Facebook Page of each mover.

For complaints, dig deeper. Find out if the customers have posted any complaints about the company.

By searching through a myriad of social media channels, you’ll be able to know which one has served its customers with the best of quality and professionalism.

Ask for a Written Estimate

Till now, you must have chosen at least three moving companies. To shortlist the most reliable moving company, call each company. Ask them to offer you a binding estimate. While doing so, choose the company that provides you a written estimate which specifies that the final estimate will not exceed the original estimate.

Such estimates guarantee that you’ll be paying the exact, specified amount to the moving company. In this case, the moving company doesn’t have the right to exceed their estimate after they have helped you move from North Carolina to another state.

However, moving may incur other expenses as well. To calculate your moving expenses beforehand, list all related expenses and spend wisely.

Show the Estimator Everything You Plan to Move

Right from the beginning, the estimator from a moving company should have a clear idea of each and every thing you want them to move to your new house. As he enters your house to evaluate how many belongings you have, make sure you haven’t missed anything.

To make sure you’ve told him about all your belongings, check again. Visit your basement, backyard, and even the attic. Confirm if you’ve told the estimator about the things that have been kept there and are ready to be moved.

Collect Necessary Information from the Estimator

As the estimator notes down the details of your belongings, ask him a few questions that will help you decide if you want to select this Charlotte moving company:

  • What’s the full name of the company?
  • Does the company operate under any other business names?
  • What’s the contact information of the company? This should include all contact details such as the company’s postal address, email address, and phone numbers.
  • Do you have a website that could tell me more about your moving services?
  • Can you provide your company’s references?

Compare At Least 3 Bids and Then Choose the Right One

Even the most impressive moving companies may trick you! To avoid getting into trouble, invest some time in the analysis.

If a moving company bids too low, find out where its hidden costs are. In case you’re unable to figure this out, call the company representative and ask directly.

If several bids from credible companies sound reasonable, don’t feel shy to ask for the best rate. They might offer you a discount!

Say No to Large Deposits

Many reputable companies don’t require a deposit until they deliver your belongings to your new house. However, some companies may ask you for large deposits. If a company charges more than twenty percent of the original estimation, it’s always better to reject such movers.

If the moving company fails to fulfill your expectations or if they charge a higher price after moving your belongings to the new place, let others know about it too. That’s how you can save them from going through the hassle of hiring the wrong mover! You can file your complaint here at Better Business Bureau.

The Bottom Line

All of us have different preferences while choosing a moving company we can rely on. What will you consider before choosing your Charlotte moving company? We’d love to know your comments!