In a perfect world, you would be able to time your move so that your new home is ready the same day you move out of your old one, but with leases having ending dates and closing dates often being out of your control, this doesn’t always happen. What can you do with your stuff if you’re stuck between homes for a few days or weeks? Hotels or a friend’s living room can give you a place to stay, but you won’t be able to bring your stuff with you. The solution to this common dilemma is self-storage. Here’s a closer look at how self-storage can bridge that gap between moves.

Know What to Put in Storage

First, consider the best items to put into self-storage between moves. Some of the items that work well include:

  • Furniture
  • Home decor
  • Large or small appliances
  • Lawn equipment
  • Clothing that’s the wrong season
  • Toys and other entertainment items you can live without

Consider where you will be staying between your homes, and make sure you bring with you what you truly need, but if you can find furnished lodging you can stash quite a bit of your stuff.

Know What Not to Put in Storage

While it may be tempting to just box it all up and stash it in storage, there are certain items you will need, even in your temporary living arrangement. Some items you will want to keep around you include:

  • Clothing for this season
  • Food that could go bad
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Electronics
  • Toiletries

Whittle these down to the bare essentials, but keep them handy if you are going to need them.

Consider the Length of Time

Next, consider how long you will be in temporary housing. You may not know, but you may have an idea of when your new home will be ready. This will guide how much you can afford to put in self-storage and what you need to keep with you.

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Consider the Accessibility

Will you need access to your items? If you are in your temporary housing for a while, accessibility can be important. Choose a self-storage option that will keep your things accessible. Consider options for drive-up access and climate control, if these features are needed.

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Moving is a stressful experience, and when you have stuff that doesn’t have a home, it can become even more so. Using a self-storage facility to stash some of that stuff can reduce the stress and give you peace of mind that your belongings are safe while you are in transition. Find a convenient self-storage option, and use it as a tool while you move to your new home.